Thermco’s Model 8100 and 8200 Diffusion Furnaces are configurable from two to four-process chamber systems used for processing Semiconductor, PV, LED, Nano and MEMS substrates up to 200 mm in diameter.

The 8100 series has a 620 mm flatzone, and the 8200 series has a 1,200mm flatzone, leading to greater wafer processing capacity for the 8200. The 8100 and 8200 can be interfaced with various automation solutions, such as elevators and fully automatic cassette-to-cassette automation packages. Automation is recommended for these systems.

The furnace mainframe is constructed of welded and formed cold rolled steel, painted with industrial-grade water-based enamel paint. Parts and components subjected to elevated temperatures are constructed from stainless steel.


  • Silicon Nitride
  • Low Stress Silicon Nitride
  • Ramped Temp Polysilicon
  • Uniform grain Polysilicon
  • TEOS
  • LTO (Doped / Undoped)
  • BPSG
  • High temperature Oxide (HTO)
  • High Vacuum H2 Anneal
  • Dry Oxide
  • Wet Oxide
  • POCl3 or BBr3
  • Forming gas anneal
  • High temperature drive in
  • Alloy or low temp anneal
  • 100% H2 anneal
  • FGA Anneal
  • CNT growth
  • Graphene growth
  • Others available on request

Thermco Systems have thermal process tools designed with your emerging technologies in mind


The industry-leading Thermco TMX controller controls the furnace, which is one of the most flexible and reliable furnace control systems with an installed base of thousands of units. The TMX control system and PCMUX combine the tried and trusted recipe and system control formats of earlier generation TMX products with new updated, reliable software on PC-based hardware with improved graphics, control and AI functions. The system comprises one MUX computer for recipe generation and status overview and one control computer per tube.

PCMUX Control system
Thermco 8000 series


  • 3 independently controlled heating zones
  • Isolated secondary voltage power
  • Zero Cross Over full phase SCR firing
  • Balanced power loading
  • Thermal safety circuits and SCR cooling fans
  • Optional fast ramp (up to 25°C/min), fast cool system (up to 20°C/min)


  • Operating temperature range: 200°C to 1350°C
  • Low to mid-temperature operating range: 200°C to 900°C
  • High-temperature operating range: 750°C to 1350°C
  • R-Type TCs for low to mid-temperature range
  • B-Type TCs for high temperature range
  • Spike and profile temperature control thermocouples
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Flatzone, 8100 : Up to 640 mm
  • Flatzone, 8200 : Up to 1,200 mm


  • High-quality, ultra-clean gas systems
  • Regulation and filtration of incoming bulk gases
  • Maximum 8 Digital or analogue MFCs
  • Orbital welding and VCR fittings
  • Nupro air-operated valves and check valves
  • Systems tested to 10-8 ATM cc/sec
  • Leak checked to 10-7 cc/sec
Thermco 8000 series