We adopt a strategy of reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish and recycle in both the systems that we build and in our offices.

Thermco’s commitment and approach to sustainability are embedded in our business and how we work.

As part of our corporate strategy, we believe in making products that have long-term value. 

We endeavour to reduce waste in all of our processes.  Where possible, we purchase local and use sustainable materials that can be recycled in our manufacturing. Thermco is looking at how we can adopt clean energy and prevent pollution in our offices and how this technology may be used in the systems that we manufacture.

We seek to develop and harness advancements in technology to create cleaner lines of business. We use technology to reduce the need for travel through video conferencing, we offer service plans with systems that are built to ensure their longevity and to reduce the need for replacement. Working with our great team of engineers here on site, we can refurbish older systems making them fit for our clients and their needs for today.

As part of the corporate strategy to reduce the impact on the environment, Thermco partners with Triplecores Technology, which specialises in leading-edge environmental protection equipment, such as Clean Air Solutions specifically for the Semiconductor sector.

Here at Thermco, we are committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability and this is fundamental to the quality products and services we proudly offer our customers.