Celebrating Excellence Within The Semiconductor Industry: TechWorks Awards Recognise Thermco System’s Industry Achievements


On 7th December 2023, TechWorks hosted an award ceremony to showcase and honour accomplishments within the technology industry.

Manufacturing Site of the Year

Thermco Systems is proud to announce that we were awarded the “Manufacturing Site of the Year” 2023 NMI Award. This award recognises the team’s hard work in engineering, manufacturing and delivering high-quality systems. The award also recognised Thermco Systems’ commitment to NetZero and sustainability efforts, including abatement solutions. It is a testament to our efforts, dedication, and expertise embedded within Thermco Systems.


Contribution to Industry Award

Gerry Thurgood, the CEO, was awarded the “Contribution to Industry” award, for his longstanding dedication and proactive support of the UK Semiconductor and technology sector since 1974. He has worked with many universities across the UK, recently donating equipment to Bristol University. His company, Thermco Systems regularly works with local universities to offer apprenticeship training and local schools to offer work experience opportunities. Gerry continues to be a keen advocate for UK tech and proactively supports the UK Semiconductor and technology sector at government level, where he has advised on the National Semiconductor Strategy advisory panel and is part of the Critical Minerals Task Force. Gerry’s passion for semiconductors is resolute!


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As the company reflect on these outstanding achievements, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities the coming year holds. Our commitment to innovation within the technology sector remains resolute, propelling Thermco Systems toward new milestones and technological advancements.