Thermco donates a R&D development tool to Bristol University

Responding to an NMI call of support, Thermco donated a R&D development tool complete with the latest AI Technology. It will allow Bristol University students to develop and learn about next generation’s processes and technologies.

Gerry Thurgood, Thermco CEO said, “By presenting this ‘Thermco diffusion furnace’ with the latest AI controls to Bristol University, it contributes to the training and development of young engineers as well as raising the profile of our academia skills as a national asset. Hopefully, this creates another dimension to the existing benefits for companies to establish back into the UK.

“In the UK we have assets to attract inward investment such as a relatively stable Government, a disaster free environment in that we don’t have tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes orvolcanoes.

“This, together with our technical colleges and universities, provides the perfect recipe for the future if we can get Government recognition and support.

“I wish you all good luck in your new lab and I am sure that this Thermco system will provide you with the ability to duplicate and develop new oxide processes that can be used on even the most advanced technologies.

“Thank you and best wishes to both Bristol University and the many engineers who will have the opportunity to put the Thermco systems and other associated tools through their paces.”

Pictured L-R: Mathew Smith, Bristol University, Dr Anne Westcott, Science Innovation Partnership Manager, Mike Czerniak, Senior Lecturer at Bristol University, Laith Altimime, president of Semi Europe and Gerry Thurgood, CEO of Thermco systems.