CSD Epitaxy

CSD Epitaxy

Thermco Systems Limited acquires CSD Epitaxy, Freemont CA

The acquisition is part of Thermco’s longer-term strategy to extend its global footprint and the capabilities it can now provide to its global customer base throughout the UK, Europe, USA and China. Customers can now benefit from a wider range of semiconductor manufacturing solutions.

CSD Epitaxy continues the Gemini legacy of providing robust production equipment and excellent customer service.

Epi Pro – Product Advantages

High Process Flexibility

  • Substrate diameters from 100 to 200mm
  • Wide EPI Layer thickness from < 5 μm to >100 μm
  • EPI Layer Resistivity from 0.02 Ωcm to > 50 Ωcm
  • Dual process chamber system with high throughput
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Sharp dopant transitions due to unique dopant injection system

Wafers x dia: 35 x 100mm, 24 x 125mm, 18 x 150mm, 8 x 200mm

Industry Leading Productivity

Large batch sizes and dual station design provide high throughput
Reduced space requirements and high throughput reduces cost per wafer
Low consumable cost and ease of maintenance reduce CoO

World Class Support

Worldwide service and spares support